Toddler Holiday Elf Dolls


How adorable are these toddler elf dolls.  Each doll is handmade in Northeast Pennsylvania.  These dolls are for decorative purposes only and are not meant for children under 3.  They contain small parts.  The clothing is made out of high quality felt and the outfits are permanent and not meant to be removed.

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Red and Green Boy Doll, Red Girl with Dark Braids, Red Girl with Light Braids, Red Girl with Dark Pigtails, Red Girl with Light Pigtails, Green Girl with Light Braids, Green Girl with Dark Braids, Green Girl with Light Pigtails, Green Girl with Dark Pigtails, Pink Girl with Light Braids, Pink Girl with Dark Braids, Pink Girl with Light Pigtails, Pink Girl with Dark Pigtails, Purple Girl with Light Braids, Purple Girl with Dark Braids, Purple Girl with Light Pigtails, Purple Girl with Dark Pigtails, Yellow Girl with Light Braids, Yellow Girl with Dark Braids, Yellow Girl with Light Pigtails, Yellow Girl with Dark Pigtails, Orange Girl with Light Braids, Orange Girl with Dark Braids, Orange Girl with Light Pigtails, Orange Girl with Dark Pigtails, Cheetah Girl with Light Braids, Cheetah Girl with Dark Braids, Cheetah Girl with Light Pigtails, Cheetah Girl with Dark Pigtails


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